I'm worried about security on the day of my move. What should I do?

Home removals can create extra security risks. With open doors, possessions lying outside on lorries, and strangers walking through your house, we don’t blame you for worrying. There are steps you can take, however, to reduce the risk and give you peace of mind:


Remove all valuables prior to removals day: This includes jewellery, house deeds, legal documents and passports, along with computer equipment if possible. If you cannot remove valuables before the day of the move, take as much as you can with you in your own vehicle.

Shred sensitive data before you throw it away: ID theft is becoming more of a problem in recent years.

Ask someone to stand guard: Your removals firm will need regular access but encourage them to close doors where possible. If you have a lot of friends and family helping you, ask one to stand guard.

Make an inventory: Make a list of everything that is in your packing boxes. Seal them very securely so you need a utility knife to open them. Once you’ve received your packing boxes at your new house, check off everything on your list. You’ll be asked to sign a release document by your chosen removals service, so make sure you’re happy before you do.

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