Can I use standard boxes for packing my possessions?


For non-breakable and lightweight items, such as clothes (although remember several layers of jeans can soon get heavy), you can get away with using a standard box. However, remember that your removals company has to load everything into a delivery vehicle and you want to ensure your items are protected against damage.


For more sensitive items, you should use specially designed corrugated cardboard removals boxes, and if your items are particularly fragile, your boxes should be double walled. Styrofoam peanuts and newspaper can be used as extra protection. Buy in bulk as you’ll always need more than you think.


Breakable items can be protected by padding the box with cushions, pillows or small quilts.  However, you always require a strong box to withstand being stacked in the lorry.  Speak to your removals firm - many are happy to lend packing boxes and collect them after your move.


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