Two weeks before you move

You only have two weeks left before your move, so it is important to confirm important details and dates. Here are some more helpful tips and advice to prepare you for your moving day:


  • Finalise details with your removals company.

  • Make sure you have adequate prescription medicine to cover the remaining period. These may be difficult to obtain after you’ve switched surgeries.

  • Safely dispose of all flammable materials, for example paints, gas bottles, cleaning fluids and oils. 

  • Cancel local deliveries and services, such as newspapers, gardeners, cleaners, window cleaners, milk deliveries, fuels and oils.

  • If your removals company is not making arrangements for you, hire professionals to carry out necessary services such as removing light fittings, dismantling electronic equipment and furniture.

  • Send out change of address cards to all your friends and relatives. 


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