Removals Checklist


It’s often said moving home can be the most stressful time of your life. Home removals need not be stressful, however. Just follow our handy checklist and you’ll find the removals process much simpler. To make things easier for you, we’ve organised our removals information into sections depending on where you are in the removals process. Print the checklist off and you can track your progress as it gets closer to removals day.

 Two months before you move


  • Make a list of your main possessions. It’s unrealistic to expect to document everything, but you’ll find packing much easier if you can tick off what you’ve packed and what you haven’t. You also won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.

  • Obtain a floor plan of your new home. This will help significantly with the removals process. Once you’ve decided what possessions you want to bring to your new home, you can decide where you want to put the larger items and where to store the smaller ones until you get a chance to unpack them. If you have any unwanted items, now’s the time to put them on eBay, or find a local car boot sale.

  • Check with your insurer if your policy covers removals. If not, your removals company should be able to advise you and provide suitable cover.

  • Research local schools around your new home and arrange to transfer your child’s school records. There will inevitably be a slight administrative delay, so you’ll want to get your request in early.


Six weeks before you move


  • Clean out your cupboards and check behind them, where items may have fallen. It’s a good idea to have all your possessions centralised in one room so you don’t have to keep rechecking nooks and crevices.

  • If relocating due to a job offer, enquire as to what costs your employer will offset.

  • Research your new local area, perhaps by buying a newspaper. Acclimatise yourself with the social news, children’s activities and community groups.

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