One week before you move

With only one week to go before you move, make sure you have all of the final details in place with our handy tips and advice:


  • Keep all moving-related documents together.

  • Don’t box important papers and valuables, such as passports, driving licenses, and jewellery. Always keep them with you when you move. 

  • Prepare a “Survival Kit” for moving day. Although it will contain items useful when you’re travelling, the main purpose is to make your first day or two comfortable. After all, you’ll be exhausted, and won’t want to be rummaging around in all your boxes trying desperately to find what you need. 

  • Prepared a detailed itinerary, along with emergency numbers, for your removals company.

  • Make arrangements with your moving company regarding payment.

  • If you’re planning to transport your clothing via a clothing carton, ensure all garments are securely fastened on the hanger and are facing the same way.

  • Finish your packing and make sure all boxes are properly labelled with the room they are going to in your new home. 

  • Take pets to the vet and obtain copies of their records to give to your new vet.

  • Give away or sell plants you aren’t taking with you.

  • Clean outdoor equipment and toys Defrost freezer and refrigerator. Ensure they are completely dry before moving to prevent mildew build up.

  • Wash and dry all linen and clothing.

  • Prepare your washing machine and dishwasher for moving. Disconnect power and water and check if transit bolts need to be fitted.

  • Check through your medicine cabinet and dispose of any unwanted drugs via your chemist.


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