A Guide to Office Removals


Relocating your office can be a mammoth task. Choosing a specialist office removals firm can make the job significantly easier, but you have a different set of priorities to think about than during a domestic removal.
We recommend you begin planning the move at least 12 weeks prior to your chosen move date. Not only have you got to prepare your employees for the move, but also make sure it has limited impact on your clients, partners and electrical equipment.
A bad move can significantly affect revenue streams and also office productivity as employees become stressed and disillusioned. A well planned and effective move, however, can increase job satisfaction and motivation.


Planning your move


  • Hire several office removals companies to visit your old and new premises and provide you with a full written quote and fixed price. Choose a moving date that will cause minimal interruption to your company goals. Most office removal firms will relocate you on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Since you’ll most likely have a lot of sensitive electrical equipment, confirm your firm is comfortable managing and moving computers and other machinery, along with heavy workstations and cubicles.

  • Ask questions and get references so you are in no doubt that their aptitude and skills suit your move.

  • Take a trip to your new office space and measure all dimensions, ensuring all equipment will fit round corridors and through doors.

  • Devise a suitable floor plan for your employee layout and equipment. Remember it must comply with health and safety and fire standards, and must allow space for chairs and people to move around.

  • Distribute copies of your floor plan and take staff suggestions. If necessary, use this opportunity to re-organise your workforce.

  • Ensure you have all necessary services – in particular a working Internet connection – installed when you arrive, so your employees can get back to work immediately. If you take a lot of calls, ensure a suitable phone network can be set up quickly.


Prior to your office move


  • After your floor plan is complete, distribute a copy to all staff so they can get used to their new surroundings prior to the move. Invite questions and provide detailed answers.

  • Provide your relocation company with several copies of your floor plan. Materials inevitably get lost, so it’s good to give them more than is necessary.

  • Devise a colour coding system and mark each piece of equipment to be moved with a specific colour – depending on the floor or department it needs to be moved to. Distribute this colour coding system. With such a large scale operation, it’s good to have everyone checking for mistakes.

  • Indicate to your removals company any equipment that doesn’t need relocating. Make suitable recycling arrangements.

  • Remind staff about their responsibilities for the move, such as if they need to pack their own boxes or clear their desks.

  • Source a computer specialist to reconnect your network as soon as you get settled. If problems arise, they can fix them quickly and easily. Some removals firms have in-house technicians for this purpose.


Moving day


  • Hold a meeting so everyone knows what is expected of them, and what the removals company will be doing. If you need them to be at the new office to help out, make sure everyone has a suitable transport arrangement. Give them a half-day holiday if you don’t require them.

  • Health and safety guidelines still apply! Do not allow your staff to lift heavy items and beware of trip hazards and unsheathed electrical wiring.

  • You’ve hire specialists for a reason – let your office removals firm handle packaging and transport. They know how to tape up filing cabinets and computer workstations to minimise the possibility of damage.

  • If you’ve got sensitive documents that you won’t need, arrange for them to be shredded using a good quality shredder – your removals firm may have a contractor dedicated to this task. If you’re taking them with you make sure they are suitably protected.

  • The comfort of your employees is paramount. Make sure they have easy access to the toilet, a kettle and a sink.

  • Send our change of address cards and make sure your clients know the move won’t impact on your ability to deliver.

Celebrate with your staff! You’ve just undergone a very stressful move and have a great new location to enjoy.

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