Who should I notify when moving house?

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You never have to worry about who you forgot to tell about your move with our great guide.


One of the biggest inconveniences of moving house is having to send out change of address cards to businesses and acquaintances. After all, the last thing you want is to forget to notify someone; all your post will be delivered to the old house but you’ll never know.

Thankfully we’ve put together a list of organisations and people you need to send change of address cards to, making it quick and easy to let everyone know where you’re going to be living:



  • Friends – both local, national and international – if you have their email addresses or have them as a friend on Facebook this can be a great and cheap way of getting the word out.

  • Relatives – let all your family know you’re moving; it’s best to let them know first to avoid any ill feeling.

  • Business associates – don’t neglect your business relationships. Let key people know your change of address so you can continue networking in the future.



  • Banks – this includes building societies and e-banks.

  • Religious organisations – local churches and mailing lists too.

  • Doctors/dentists – very important as your new doctor may need access to your records if you fall ill.

  • Insurance providers – your cover, particularly for car and home insurance, may be void if you do not inform of a change of address

  • Solicitor – they may need to write to you urgently at some time in the future.

  • Magazine subscriptions – don’t pay extra for something you can’t read.

  • Schools – inform your child’s school they’ll be moving on and return library books.

  • Post office – tell your post office you’ll be moving. They may offer a re-mailing service so you still get post send to your old address after you’ve moved.

  • Inland Revenue – you should sort out your tax as soon as possible to avoid complications.

  • DSS - your benefits may face delays if you don’t inform the DSS as soon as possible.

  • Utilities – inform your gas, electric and water suppliers at least 2 working days before you move. Make sure you take up to date meter readings too.

  • TV Licensing – make sure you have a TV license in your new home to avoid problems later down the line.

  • Vets – your pet may need medical care soon after the move. Find a vet in your new local area and arrange to become a customer early.

  • DVLA – you must let the DVLA know your change of address so they can update your driving license and vehicle registration certificate.

  • Passport office – your passport may need to be endorsed so put your change of address in writing.

  • Premium bond companies – complete and return your holders’ card.

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