Ten things to do in the first week after you move house

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Explore your local area once you've moved - you'll feel more at home in minutes. Things get very hectic in the first month after you move house. In between getting back to work, unpacking all your belongings and sorting out the kids you may find yourself exhausted. At night you’ll probably just fall into bed.

However, there are certain things you should ensure you do in the first week following your house move or you’ll regret it later on. Moving house is a very complicated process and entails a lot of processes before you can actively say you live in your new home.

By doing these things early you help ensure you get up and running quickly and also go some way to beating the moving blues – it’s really hard to settle down and enjoy yourself when things are overhanging, so get stuff done as early as possible.


Here are 10 things you should do in the first week:


  • Talk to your neighbours – they’ll probably have seen you move in, so ask them round for coffee or put a note through their door introducing yourself.

  • Register with doctors and dentists – you never know when you’re going to fall ill, and the stress of moving can take its toll.

  • Register with a vet – pets get stressed by moving and may require a check-up. Even if they’re ok it’s best to register early.

  • Contact your utilities company – ensure you tell them the correct meter readings so you don’t get overcharged.

  • Inform friends of your change of address – pre-printed cards are ideal and can be popped into the post.

  • Explore the local area – feeling comfortable with your local area is the first step to feeling at home.

  • Use local services – buy some meat from the butchers and stamps from the post office. Introduce yourself to all local business owners.

  • Scope out clubs and pubs – know where the locals go and how you can get involved easily. If you’re religious, look at local churches.

  • Keep in contact with relatives and friends – give them a call to let them know how you’re doing.

  • Relax – don’t feel as though everything must get done immediately. You’ve just had a stressful experience so take some time to chill out.

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