Removals Tips: Keeping the cost of moving down

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Moving house can cost more than you budget for! It's frequently stated that moving house can be one of the most stressful life experiences. In addition, it can be one of the most expensive.

Removals bills, redecorating, cleaning, new appliances - the costs can soon mount up, and eat up valuable resources that you were perhaps saving for an emergency or special occasion. However, whilst moving house often entails unavoidable costs, there are several ways in which outgoings can be kept to a minimum:


  • Talk to your removals company. Removals services quote by volume, so the more you take with you the more it's going to cost. Get a quote for removals well in advance of your planned moving date so a surveyor can assess your possessions and come up with an accurate price. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying over the odds for the service you're supplied with.

  • Purge your possessions. A house move is a great time to downsize and get rid of all the items you haven't touched in 5 years. This is beneficial from a removals perspective too. As stated, removals companies quote on volume, so if you manage to throw away or recycle 15% of your belongings you'll find yourself saving money when it comes to paying your removals bill.

  • Ask friends to help. In fact, ask lots of friends, and then ask some more. You can never have too many friends when you move house. Instead of paying for a professional cleaning service to spring clean your new home, your friends can band together and clean it in no time at all. Or if you have sensitive electronic equipment to disconnect, you can ask one of your friends - who may be very handy around the house - so you don't have to hire an electrician.

  • Prepare for your move in advance. Poor preparation can result in unexpected and expensive costs. If you don't disconnect the washing machine early you may find yourself having to call a plumber because the fixings are more complicated than expected. Read a comprehensive moving guide to ensure you get jobs done in plenty of time.


Follow these handy tips and you'll keep moving costs to a minimum. That way you can afford a nice bottle of champagne to go around once you've arrived at your new house!

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