Packing Computers - a mover's guide to sensitive electronic equipment!

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Packing your computer for a move doesn't have to cause you excess concern!

Some things are really easy to pack, such as bedding. You just throw it into a box and unpack it at the other end. But when it comes to delicates, you take more care. You may surround china cups with styrofoam peanuts or rolled up newspaper to prevent breakages, or wrap them them in blankets or clothes to provide protection. That is a very good moving choice, as boxes can inevitably get dropped or thrown around (picking a professional removals company will limit the chance of this happening).

Just like breakables, computer equipment needs special treatment when transporting it for a house move, albeit in a slightly different way. Just follow our simple guide and you'll have your computer up and running in your new home in no time at all!


Make sure your insurance covers your computer: This is very important. Accidents may happen, and if your computer does get broken you'll want to make sure you get a replacement as soon as possible. The best removals insurance will include this cover, but try to make sure it's stipulated in the insurance that you get your money from the insurer rather than the removals company, as this can significantly speed the process up.


Back up your data: Data loss always strikes at a time you're least expecting it. Bumps in the road or jolts whilst packing could potentially corrupt your data, so make sure you back it up well before your move (although bear in mind that if you then subsequently save files on your computer, they won't be included in the backup). An external hard drive that you can carry with you in your bag is a great idea.


Back up your data again: You can never be too careful.


Find the original computer box and styrofoam: Computers generally come package in moulded styrofoam so they cannot move in transit. If you still have the box, brilliant. It's a great way to move your computer with the minimum chance of damage. If you don't, you may be able to request a similar box from a computer hardware retailer in your local area.


Disconnect your computer ready for packing: Shutdown your computer, then carefully unplug all power cables and peripheral cables (Hint: if you're unsure of how to put it back together, you may want to colour code or label each cable). Carefully move your monitor and remove ink cartridges and print heads from your printer.


Pack the 'tower': Place the computer motherboard-side down into a packing box, lined with newspaper and perhaps a blanket. The motherboard side is normally the right hand side when looking at the computer head on, although consult your manual if you're unsure. This is to prevent cards from loosening inside during transit. Surround the computer with another blanket and styrofoam peanuts. If you have any heavy-duty duct tape, tape the tower to the sides of the box to further limit movement. Choose a box that's as close to the size of the original box as possible.


Pack the monitor: Monitors are very sensitive and can easily suffer from dead pixels due to shock. The best choice is to bring your monitor with you in the car (in fact, bring your whole computer if possible -- but remember not to leave it out overnight if you stay in a hotel). If you can't do this, completely surround it with as much bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and blankets as possible so movement is absolutely impossible. Duct tape can be used to tape it to the sides of the box.


Pack printers and scanners: Treat as monitors. Minor shocks can damage the interior compoments rendering the device useless.


Label the boxes as fragile: When you get a removals quote let the company know you'll be transporting sensitive electronic equipment, then label your boxes as fragile so they know to treat them with extra care.


Follow these tips and you'll have your PC set up at your new house in no time at all. Best of luck with your move!

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