Packing Boxes: How many do you need?

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Packing Boxes: how many should you buy? Don't be deceived into thinking you can make do without adequate packing supplies. Everyone accumulates extensive possessions over years living in the same house, and you'll be surprised at how much you actually own once you've cleared out the shed, the garage, the loft and any other places you haven't visited for a while! The best option is to buy professional packing equipment. Removals boxes are stronger than normal boxes to ensure your equipment doesn't get damaged on removals day, and will give you added peace of mind at a very stressful time.

So, what materials are available, and how many boxes do you need? Firstly, work out how many possessions you have. You can do this very easily when you first get a removals quote. Your removals company reaches a final quote based on volume, and will send a surveyor round free of charge to estimate the volume of your possessions. If your removals firm also supply packing materials, you may want to ask them what packages they suggest would be suitable for the amount you're moving.

If they don't, you have a few options to choose from. Check out our removals links page for a list of online packing suppliers, many of whom sell packages based on the number of rooms in your house. These are estimates, so you may want to order a few more if you think you have a lot of possessions. If you don't choose a package, a general rule of 20 small, 20 medium and 5 large boxes for between 2 and 4 rooms may help you decide.


Whatever package you pick, remember the following:


  • A supply of double-walled boxes is useful for valuables and fragile items.

  • Remember that 23kg is the recommended maximum weight for boxes.

  • Buy a marker pen so you can label each box with its contents and the room its destined for.

  • You can buy special packing supplies for certain items, such as wardrobe boxes for clothes, sofa covers and specialised packing tape for added security. Make an inventory of your possessions so you can work out what supplies suit your needs best.


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