Moving Home when Pregnant

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Make your move as easy as possible. Moving is a stressful time for anybody, but moving whilst pregnant does put extra pressure on the mother-to-be. You can put your mind to ease as we here at quotes4removals have come up with top tips and advice you won’t be forgetting:


  • Some mothers-to-be get tired quickly, so get as many helping hands on board as possible, even employing moving guys to help, can help ease a lot of moving pressure. Make sure you do the research to ensure you are getting the job done at the best price available to you.

  • If you are doing most of the packing make sure you start as early as possible and don’t do too much in one go. When packing clearly label each box so you don’t have to do a lot of unpacking.

  • This is a given but try to avoid bending down too much and lifting heavy boxes.

  • Baby products can take a while to have delivered so when ordering all your baby requirements, get them delivered to your new home, this will save some major packing.

  • Find out where any local baby or toddler groups are, chemists and the nearest hospital. Register with a doctor if your moving to another area and when moving make sure you pack any hospital notes in your handbag.

  • Drink plenty of fluid on the moving day. You will be on your feet all day, so pack some luxuries for the evening in your hand luggage such as bubble bath.


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