Moving home – essential removals tips before you go

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A new home can be a fresh start, but before you go there are a few essential things you must remember to do, otherwise it could be a false start!


Bills and suppliers

Remember to notify your utility companies that you are moving. It’s often best to do this in writing before you leave and phone through any final meter readings. You can have energy services transferred to your new home if they are national suppliers but it’s also a good opportunity to shop around to make sure you have the best deal. Bear in mind that phone lines especially can take time to have set up and connected and if you’re able to, do this in advance. Don’t forget to transfer your TV licence over to your new address and if you have cable organize disconnection/reconnection.


Post and deliveries

You can set up a postal re-direction to start from a specific date but it might be worthwhile leaving your forwarding details with new owners or tenants or the company or agency who has facilitated your move. If you have any regular deliveries such as milk or newspapers let them know in advance, especially if you won’t be continuing the service at your new home as there may be a notice period.



If moving outside of your current catchment area it’s a good idea to investigate new services prior to moving home. You may not be able to register until you have proof of your new address so it’s worth finding out. Also ensure that any regular medication, such as asthma inhalers, are not packed up prior to your move as you may need them in the transition period.



On a not dissimilar note, think about any pets and how you will handle them prior to the move and on the day. Check out vets surgeries and make sure you have thought about how to transport them as it can be an unsettling time and if you are not prepared can add to stress for all concerned. Keep pets as far away from the home removal activities as possible.



Something that should possibly come higher up the list is of course, the kids! If you can arrange for them to be with friends or family during the move that could be the best option. Over active, bored or stressed out children is not what you need on the day you move home!


Your old home

If the property you are moving from might be empty for any length of time ask the managing agent to keep an eye on it and give them some keys. Make sure everything is switched off before you leave!

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