Moving Day: what should I leave behind?

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Should you leave furniture behind or empty your house completely? If you've lived in your house for a long time, you've probably accumulated a great deal of large possessions. This will include the obvious ones, such as washing machine, fridge-freezer and dishwasher, but may also extend to heavy filing cabinets, display cabinets or television stands. It's tempting to transport everything you own to your new house, but is this the wisest idea? After all, home move quotes are based on volume, so the more you take the more you pay.

In reality, you should ask yourself a number of questions to determine how much you bring with you.


Are you downsizing?

If you're moving into a smaller house then you will inevitably have to leave some possessions behind. Dishwashers are sometimes first to go if your new kitchen only has space for a washing machine. Remember to leave the instruction manual behind. If you're moving into a larger house then you can take as much as you want, but remember your current items may not match the colour scene of your new property.


Are there any items you planned to upgrade or replace anyway?

You may be looking out for a new television. When you move it's the perfect time to upgrade as you'll be able to leave your old set behind and not have to pay for its transport. The same goes for curtains - it's nice to think of your home as the beginnings of a new life and bringing your old curtains can sometimes dampen the mood.


How much spare money will you have to renovate/customise your new house?

If you plan to spend a significant sum on bringing your new place up to speed with your needs, then by all means leave as much as you want. The advantage to this is that you can look over your new house's colour scheme and match your furniture exactly.


How many possessions do you have?

The problem with leaving a display cabinet behind is that the items you display in them will not have a home when you move. One solution is to box them up and wait until you find an alternative place to put them, but if you're downsizing this may not happen, in which case you either leave them in storage or throw them away. If you purge your belongings when you move, you'll only take with what you really want in which case leaving furniture behind will not be as much of an issue.


Remember: you'll need to agree with your buyers on the items that get left behind. 'Vacant possession' means that you leave your house totally devoid of your belongings, so make sure you discuss the details before the contracts get approved. If your buyer will not purchase your items for a nominal sum, or are not happy with them being left over, you'll either have to take them with or dispose of them prior to the completion date.

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