How to speed up your moving day

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It is no secret that moving house can be a challenging and demanding experience, so it is important to do all you can in the run up to your move to ensure the big day goes to plan and runs to schedule.

Good preparation is invaluable when moving house as there are many things that need to be considered and undertaken during this time, so we have listed nine vital tips to help you to have a smooth, quick moving day.


Organise parking

If there are any parking regulations surrounding your current and your new property make sure you arrange for the necessary permits and notify the appropriate authorities. Your removals company will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the length of time they will be at both properties.

It may also be a good idea to let your neighbours know when you will be moving and where the removals van will be parked to ensure that space will be available when they arrive so they can begin on time.


Use a professional removals company

Using a professional and experienced removals company for your move will be the difference between a straightforward, smooth moving day and a frantic day filled with stress. When you get quotes for your removals through Quotes4Removals you’ll be put in contact with credit checked, Ombudsman regulated firms that you can be confident will provide a quick and efficient move.

It is important that you have a strong level of trust with the company that will be conducting your house move, as they are the ones that will be transporting all of your belongings, so compare quotes to make sure that you appoint a reliable firm.


Organise key collection

Having a set time to collect the keys to your new property in advance of your removals team arriving will allow for the loading and unloading of your belongings to begin promptly. It will also ensure that you are on hand at both addresses to answer any questions.

If possible, it would be more beneficial to collect the keys to your new home before your moving day for the peace of mind that this is one less thing to do on the day.


Request a pre-move visit

For a timely moving day, a pre-move visit from your removals company will help considerably, as it will allow for them to see if there are any issues with access at your property and prepare accordingly.

A pre-move visit of your current property provides an opportunity for them to assess the volume of your furniture and belongings to ensure they use the appropriate size of vehicle for your move – so don’t hide anything!


Use a Moving Checklist

It is important that in the weeks before your move, everything runs to schedule. A Moving Checklist will help to make sure that you complete all the tasks that are necessary during the moving process, and on the day of your move, in sufficient time.


Have all belongings packed

A common mistake when moving house is not leaving enough time to pack all of your belongings before the moving day. It is easy to misjudge how much you own, so it is important to start packing early to reduce the likelihood of starting late and making your removals company wait.

Many removals companies offer a packing service for their customers which can be completed before the day of your move. Not only will this save a substantial amount of time and stress, but it will also ensure your items have been safely packed by professionals.


Create a coding system

A coding system when packing your boxes will make the removals team aware of which rooms the boxes are to be placed in your new home – speeding up the moving process. It will also help to make the unpacking a less laborious task.

A colour code can be a useful way of labelling your boxes and the rooms in your new home, as from first glance it will be evident which room the box is meant for. You can find further packing tips here.


Clear pathways

There is enough stress to contend with on your moving day without having to worry about any injuries or dropped furniture due to trips or slips. Not only will a clear path for the removals team reduce the chance of breakages, but it will also ensure the loading and unloading process will be swift and speedy.

Make sure that the pathways from your current house and your new house to the removals van is clear of any obstacles or debris. If there has been any extreme weather, such as snow or ice, shovel and salt all pathways and steps that will be used by the removals team when transporting your belongings.


Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit

On a day where emotions will be running high, it is important to make sure you have all the supplies you and your family need close by to stay well fed, hydrated and comfortable in your Moving Day Survival Kit. This will help you to remain productive throughout the day.

Don’t forget to pack extra tea bags and coffee for your hard-working removals team!

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