Five emotions you’ll feel when moving house

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You'll likely to feel a wide range of emotions when you move house. Moving house can be an emotional rollercoaster. Remember that you are not your emotions, and you shouldn’t base the success of your house move on the levels or depths of your emotions. As human beings, we experience constantly changing emotions, particularly around important events, and this cannot be reduced to a statement on how you feel about your house move.

You’re moving, and that is that. It will be an incredibly beneficial event to happen to you if you treat it the right way and take advantage of opportunities open to you.


Meanwhile, here are five of the most common emotions experienced when moving house:


Regret . . .

Any big decision will be met with a certain amount of regret, as you are leaving what you know for something you don’t. But trust us – it’s normal. In fact, it’s healthy to be slightly regretful. This makes you appreciate your old house and moves you through the new door with the right attitude.


Anxiety. . .

Life events cause stress, and the bigger the event the greater the stress. You’ve probably heard people say that moving house can be one of life’s biggest upheavals and it’s certainly true. So be prepared to feel very anxious; your mind will start asking questions such as ‘how will I fit in?’ and ‘but what about my friends?’ These are completely normal and always accompany stressful situations. Ensuring you prepare in plenty of time, for example by getting a removals quote well before your completion date, can help reduce anxiety.


Loss. . .

Moving house, like the end of a relationship, can be likened to bereavement. You’re losing a part of you and moving onto pastures new, and even though you can come back and look at the house your experience of it will never be the same again. You may even feel loss at the local community, the morning commute to work, and the small things such as the view from your bedroom. Acknowledge all these losses – it’ll be harder later on if you bottle it up now.


Sadness. . .

You’re probably likely to get down in the dumps about your house move, which is why it’s very important to remain positive and surround yourself with friends and family. Sadness always accompanies loss so remember this if you start to feel depressed. Exercise can help alleviate feelings of sadness.


Fear. . .

Human beings have an innate fear of the unknown. Replacing a life you know with a life you don’t would strike fear into the heart of anyone, so don’t feel bad for fearing your new life. But you must remember that it’s up to you to grab it and make the most of it.

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