Five easy to forget items when you move house

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Make a note and never forget.

Moving home, whether to the other side of the road or to another country can be a stressful time even if you think you are an extremely organised person or family.  You have been so busy and pre-occupied with packing all your belongings there are a few things that always seem to slip your mind, but here at quotes4removals we have already thought this through and have devised a list of things you mustn’t forget.


Personal records

When you have moved and are settling in registering with a doctor and dentist and getting your children ready for the next school year is straight on your mind. So keep all records all in a plastic folder on the top of one of the boxes so you can easily see them and know exactly where they are.


Spare Keys

Spare keys are one of the last things on your mind when moving and seems like an inadequate thing to think of, but make sure you collect all spare keys from family members and neighbours and leave them in the house for the next owner, it will give them peace of mind as well.


Hidden valuables

For security reasons you may have hidden some valuables away from onlookers, but have you hidden them so well you don’t know where you have put them? Take a look into every nook and cranny of the house; you never know you may have a pleasant surprise!



You have packed all your belongings, all the kids are in the car waiting to go, but something is missing. Could it be your pet? If you have a cat, it can sometimes be hard to get them out of the garden and into a new home, so if you can’t wait and really must go, ask your neighbours to keep a watchful eye for them.


New address and contact information

You have told your family and friends your new address for them to drop by and take a look at your new home, but what about the bank or memberships? Make sure you receive all your mail by contacting your bank and other companies that send you post your new contact information, it will save you a lot of time and stress later on.

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