Five common mistakes people make when moving house

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Don't make these mistakes! Follow our handy tips for a smoother move.

Moving house is one of those things that always throws up unexpected events that you haven't planned for. Ironically, however, planning is the key to a successful move!


How does that work?

Well, when it comes to most house moves things start going wrong when inadequate planning hasn't been carried out. Sure, there will always be things that happen that you can't plan for - such as a vase being broken or a delay in the chain - but most problems that arise are inevitably caused by poor planning.

Here are five common mistakes people make when it comes to planning their house move:


Not leaving enough time to pack their belongings

Whether you've lived in a house for 2 years or 22 years you'll have accumulated more possessions than you think. There's the garage, the shed, the cupboard under the stairs, the loft, the bed drawers. Then there's the kids rooms, and the bathroom cabinet, in addition to all the furniture, computers and curtains. Phew! And that's probably just the beginning.

It is in every instance better to finish packing early than to start packing late, otherwise you'll be tearing your hair out on moving day as the removals company wait impatiently. And then you'll be upset when you find out you've left your favourite painting behind. Thus, when it comes to estimating how long it'll take you to pack, you'd probably do best to double it, or at least add on half again.


Not packing strategically

Packing is a lengthy process that, if not planned properly, can end up causing significant heartache. Packing strategically means bearing in mind that although the short-term goal is to get all your items in boxes the long term goal is to take them out of boxes at the other end! And if you end up with 30 unmarked, sealed boxes when you arrive at your new house, you'll probably spend a restless night wondering how exactly you're going to unpack everything easily.

To avoid this, make sure you:

  • Colour code boxes by room
  • Label boxes by family member and contents
  • Pack similar items together


Getting a removals quote too late

Lots of people are moving house, which means removals companies are in high demand. Unless you book early you may find themselves paying a fortune for a last-minute service after you've signed a contract and can't pull out. Enquire early, and make sure you get several removals quotes to ensure you're paying the best price. Removals companies quote by volume, so they should really send a surveyor to estimate how many items you own for an accurate price.


Not getting friends and family to help

This is a big one! Moving house is a very difficult task made up of hundreds of smaller, but equally difficult tasks (packing, cleaning, checking off lists, organising services etc). Without the help of friends and family, moving house will see like a mountain that cannot be climbed. Ask as many people as you can to help, and provide them with refreshments to show your appreciation. In addition to the physical help, the company will be appreciated as you get further down the line.


Forgetting to pack for the journey

This is especially true when you're moving a long distance that involves an overnight stay. You need to pack a moving box that contains everything you'll need for the journey - if you're travelling with children this will be essential. In addition, you should pack items for the first few nights in your new house. Don't forget that the first couple of weeks are likely to be very hectic and quite stressful, so it's nice to pack a few comforts that you can rely on to cheer you up, in addition to essentials such as mugs and tea so you can have a brew every once in a while.

Good luck with your house move. If you have any questions please post them in the comments below!

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