Cost of moving house a third less than in 1999

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Moving house does not have to cost the Earth. Good news for those selling up or buying - the costs of moving are a third less now than they were in 1999, despite the introduction of Home Information Packs and increased house prices. In 1999 the average cost of moving house was £2,402. In 2009 it costs almost £800 less at an average figure of £1,604. In fact, the cost of all services related to moving house have dropped considerably. Conveyancing costs stand at 10% less than in 1999, surveys 24% and removals 15%.

This information will be particularly welcome for homeowners worrying about moving house during the financial downturn, but there are still ways in which money can be saved during a house move. Read on to find out the areas in which the most money can be saved!


Hire a professional removals company

Sometimes saving money is all about preventing the situation from becoming too expensive. Broken furniture can quickly drain your bank account, so hire a professional removals firm who will take care of all your possessions. You can get quotes for removals from our powerful comparison system, which compares removals packages from all the accredited firms in your local area.


Ask friends and family to help you

Sometimes people have skills that you don't, and these can become immensely useful during a house move. For example, you may not know how to disconnect and pack your computer. But your friend may own a computer repair business or just be handy with a spanner. If you can enlist their help, you won't have to pay a company inflated prices to safety move your electronic equipment.

Friends and family can also help you prepare before moving day. Don't forget - removals companies quote by volume, so if one of your friends can help you purge your belongings, you'll find you have less to take to your new home, which equals reduced removals costs.


Use the opportunity to get a better deal on your utilities

If you haven't compared prices for your gas and electricity, you may be paying too much. Why not check to see if you can get a better deal before you move? That way you'll save money in both the long and short-term. It doesn't cost you a penny to check, so you really have got nothing to lose.


Prepare for your move in advance

Unplanned expenses can frequently be the biggest costs of house moves. If you forget to disconnect your washing machine, for example, you may need to hire a professional to disconnect it at the last minute. By making sure you have everything sorted well in advance of the big day, you won't encounter any emergencies that cost a fortune to fix.

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