Booking a removals firm in Summer

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As you can imagine summer is by far the most popular time of year to move. The weather, in theory, should be fine making for good driving condition and a move comfortable climate to move house in. There are also long school holidays when families with kids can use the free time to get the move arranged. If you do want a summer move then you need to be aware that more planning and organisation will be required to make sure you get the time and day you require. The removals companies will be busy as the summer rush begins. Here are a few considerations that Quotes4Removals recommend to assist you if you are looking to move this summer.


  • Book as far in advance as you can. Your local removals firms will be busy – well the good one will be. It’s not always easy to pin point the ideal day / time but if you can, try to start contacting removal firms as soon as you have a day in mind. 

  • Shop around. We always recommend you contact multiple removals firms – compare our removals firms – to get a feel of what is on offer from your local movers. This is even more important during the busy summer month. Demand is high this time of year and it is the most expensive time of the year to book a removal company. Compare a number of firms to ascertain which best fits your requirements.   

  • Be flexible if you can. Once you’ve contacted some local removals guys you may find they can help you decide the exact time. Most will offer you sound advice on a good time to move, or potentially offer you a deal if you move on certain day, e.g. they have a backload coming back the other way on a particular day. So if you can be flexible you may get a good deal and be assured of moving during the busy summer months.  

  • Be prepared to pay deposits up front. At this time of year removals firms are busy and may be turning down jobs if they are fully booked. This means they are especially sensitive to cancellation. To cover loses they may require larger than deposits. Do not be alarmed by this just make sure you have a copy of the removals firms cancellation policy and understand why they need this money upfront. 

  • Try and book around school holidays. The August school holidays are very popular for moving as it’s often the most suitable time for families with children. If you can it is advisable to book your move outside of these times. Also, bear in mind that staff at moving firms who have children may be off on holiday. This will leave some firms under staffed and less able to meet demand. Finally, you may also want to consider that this is peak holiday time and the roads can get congested. This will have an effect on the removals company’s ability to get to and from jobs. 

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