10 places you may forget to look in when moving house

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Ensure you don't leave anything behind when you pack - check in these places to make sure!

Packing can be a nightmare, particularly if you’ve got a large house or a lot of storage space. And the niggling worry at the back of your mind is shared by everyone contemplating or in the middle of a house move: what if I forget something?

Good preparation is the key to not forgetting any of your belongings. Packing generally takes far longer than at first expected so make sure you leave enough time to get everything done. A worthwhile formula is to take how much time you think it’ll take and either double it or add on 50%.

That way you can ensure you won’t be so stressed during the packing phase and will be less likely to leave something important behind.

To make it even less likely, here are 10 places you mustn’t forget to look in when packing for your move:

  • The upper level of your garage

  • The loft

  • The backs of kitchen cupboards

  • The space in between drawers, particularly important if you’re leaving furniture behind

  • Underneath white goods and heavy equipment in the shed and garage

  • Underneath sofas and down cushions

  • Behind the shed

  • Down the backs of radiators

  • In the bathroom cabinet

  • At the back of kitchen cupboards

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